The Secretariat of HELCOM held a meeting on 13 November 2017 in Helsinki to prepare the forthcoming Ministerial Meeting which will take place in March 2018.

Chaired by Ms Marianne Wenning, Helsinki-Uusimaa Region, the meeting gathered HELCOM Heads of Delegation of the Contracting Parties made up of Denmark, Estonia, the European Union, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

HELCOM Heads of Delegation discussed the themes that will be addressed at the upcoming Ministerial Meeting in March 2018:

  • Theme 1: Reflecting the current state, pressures and impacts on the Baltic Sea;
  • Theme 2: Renewing the Baltic Sea Action Plan beyond 2021 and towards 2030;
  • Theme 3: Enhancing economic and social analysis and innovation to implement ecosystem approach;
  • Theme 4: Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and regional ocean governance.

As organisation established to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea from all sources of pollution, HELCOM is of particular relevance for the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission Maritime Working Group. Therefore, the organisation has observer status in HELCOM.

The representative of the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission in HELCOM is Mr Janne Tamminen, Helsinki-Uusimaa Region.

The upcoming Heads of Delegation Meeting will be held on 12 December 2017.

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