The first version of the HELCOM State of the Baltic Sea report was approved by the 52nd Meeting of the HELCOM Heads of Delegation, held on 20-21 June 2017 in Brussels.

The ‘State of the Baltic Sea’ report provides a holistic, scientific evaluation of the environmental status of the Baltic Sea from 2011-2015.

The pressures and impacts of human activities, as well as social and economic dimensions in the whole Baltic Sea, are also assessed.

The first results of the status report, including the underlying data, will be published on a dedicated website in a few weeks’ time. The results will be subject to a regional consultation to be carried out in 2017 by HELCOM.

The report will be updated and finalised by June 2018, and the final report will include one additional year of monitoring data.

The ‘State of the Baltic Sea’ is a regionally coordinated assessment and a major undertaking by all the Baltic Sea countries, the European Union, and the ten HELCOM members.

The assessment will be used to analyse the progress being made to achieve a good environmental status in relation to the goals of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan.

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