The CPMR Baltic Sea Commission (CPMR-BCS) is working in partnership with the Swedish Institute and HA Capacity of the EUSBSR to organise the second Baltic Executive Programme.

The Baltic Executive Programme is a new leadership programme designed to tackle the ever more pressing question of how to unleash the full potential of transnational cooperation. The BSC is supporting recruitment to the new programme and is helping to develop its content.

On December 5-7, the new programme gathered 30 politicians and civil servants from the Baltic Sea Region in Sopot, Poland.


Meit Fohlin, vice president of the Gotland region, at the programme meeting in Poland

Meit Fohlin, vice president of the Gotland region in Sweden, who is participating in the programme, said: “Europe faces a precarious situation, with many pressing issues including migration, climate change and economic problems, and there are rising cases of populist thinking and zenophobia across the continent. This is precisely why we must build alliances across borders and come together even more. We need to take responsibility for the future of Europe.

“This Baltic Executive Programme is helping us to take this responsibility. It offers a great opportunity to develop new strategies, find better ways of communicating, deepen our competence and understanding and make new contacts. This programme finds new ways to challenge everyone involved and will helps us to become the drivers of change. “

Up to now, countless transnational projects and networks have been initiated in the Baltic Sea Region over the years, but studies have shown that few initiatives are durable. They often cease to exist when funding runs out and results are seldom integrated into the normal operations of the home organisation.

However, the Baltic Executive Programme targets elected politicians, directors, strategists and senior planners from local and regional government, with an established track record and/or genuine interest in Baltic Sea Region cooperation.

Watch the information video from the first programme here:

For more information about the programme, contact the Secretariat of CPMR Baltic Sea Commission.