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Maritime Working Group

What does the group focus on?

The focus for the Baltic Sea Commission’s work on Maritime Affairs are the following thematic areas:

Sustainable maritime economy: Maritime industries and blue economy, sustainability and environmental innovation

Coastal management and marine environment: Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management, focusing on the trans-national and cross-border dimensions of the implementation of the MSP Directive.

Education and training: Vasco da Gama initiative at the level of the Baltic Sea area.

Environmental issues: Environmental and other challenges of maritime affairs in the Baltic Sea Region under “Save the Sea” the overall aim of the EUSBSR.

The Baltic Sea Commission is currently an observer in HELCOM and in the CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development.

Working Group Contacts



Ms Tiina Perho

Region of Southwest Finland


Harry Bouveng

Mr Harry Bouveng

Stockholm County Council