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Renewable Energies Working Group

Focus of the group

The BSC Working Group on Renewable energies will focus on:

Monitor Energy Policy: The Working Group will monitor the EU’s Policy on Renewable Energy and how it affects investments in renewable energy in the Baltic Sea Region. The intention is to increase knowledge of how regional and local decision-makers can influence development towards a larger share of renewable energy and higher security in energy supply. Energy from biomass is of particular interest.

Create sharp positioning on Energy Policy that affects renewable energy in the Baltic Sea Region: The Working Group will work on positions regarding energy issues – positions that can be communicated in the processes that shape the future of Energy Policy in the EU, which can be used by the Regions themselves or as input to the CPMR.

Learning Among Regions on Smart Specialisation: The Working Group has initiated a partnership between Regions in the BSR and Smart Specialisation Strategies including Energy. A project application has been submitted to Interreg BSR. The answer to the application is expected at the beginning of 2017.



Mr Richard Sjölund

Regional Council of Ostrobothnia