Short flash from the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission

    • 20-21 February, the CPMR BSC Transport Working Group will meet in Värmland, Sweden. A strong focus is put on sharing best practices on smart and innovative transport solutions.
    • 3 March, the re-launch of the CPMR BSC Energy and Climate Working Group will be held in Brussels, Belgium. At this moment we will discuss actions carried out and planned in regions as well as proposals at EU level to support and enhance climate mitigation, adaptation and other means to tackle climate change.
    • 10 March, the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission Maritime Working Group, in cooperation with Stockholm Region, EUSBSR PA Tourism and the Nordic Archipelago Association organises a seminar on Sustainable Tourism linked to the up-coming programming of the Cross-Border Maritime Programmes in the Baltic Sea Region. The seminar will be held in Stockholm, Sweden.
    • 25 March, CPMR Baltic Sea Commission is organising a special day for regional politicians in Brussels on the topic of what role Regions can and must play in a strong and revitalised  European Cooperation. An invitation has been sent out to top politicians of the Member Regions.

Would you have any further questions relating to the upcoming activities, events and seminars, please contact the BSC Executive Secretary Åsa Bjering.

And… Save the Date of 15 June 2020! The CPMR Baltic Sea Commission General Assembly will be organised back-to-back with the EUSBSR Strategy Forum in Turku, South West Finland.