The CPMR Baltic Sea Commission was represented by its President, Jari Sainio in the annual meeting of the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC) held on 3–5 September 2017. The Conference was hosted by the Hamburg Parliament, the so-called Bürgerschaft, under the chairmanship of Carola Veit, President of the BSPC and President of the Hamburg Parliament.

This year the theme of the Conference was “Innovative Science, Sustainable Tourism – Participation and Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region”. Gathering more than 200 parliamentarians, experts and other guests, debates focused on 4 topics:

  • Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region;
  • Democratic Participation & the Digital Age;
  • Sustainable Tourism;
  • Migration and Integration.

Furthermore, participants adopted a Conference resolution focusing on cooperation, democratic participation and digital age, on innovative science and research as well as sustainable tourism.

The newly elected President of the BSPC, Jörgen Pettersson, from the Åland Islands, invited the parliamentarians to the 27th BSPC conference in Mariehamn on 26-28 August 2018.

For more information on the 26th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference in Hamburg, please click here.