Helsinki Uusimaa hosted the 45th General Assembly of the CPMR on 19-20 October 2017 at the Finlandia Hall as part of its official programme for the celebration of the 100-years of Finland as an independent state.

The CPMR General Assembly gathered more than 200 representatives from regions across Europe, including the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Vice-President of the Committee of the Regions, Mr Markku Markkula and Mr Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister for Housing, Energy and Environment, Finnish Government.  Discussions focused on the future of Europe, Cohesion Policy post-2020, the future of the EU budget, Transport Policy and maritime affairs.

The highlight of the event was the adoption of the 45th CPMR Final Declaration in which the CPMR emphasises key messages for the European Union and the regions.

During the CPMR General Assembly, Members of the Baltic Sea Commission took an active part in the discussions. Ms Annika Sandström, Stockholm County Council, gave a keynote speech on the Future of Europe. Ms Tiina Perho, South West Finland, participated as a speaker in the session on maritime affairs.

Prior to the CPMR General Assembly, Members of the Baltic Sea Commission had a preparatory meeting which was chaired by Mr Jari Sainio, President of the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission.

He opened the session by welcoming the participants to his home region: “Helsinki-Uusimaa is proud to welcome regional politicians from all across Europe and host the 45th CPMR General Assembly to discuss key issues for the European Union, especially in the framework of the celebration of 100-years of independence in Finland throughout 2017. The celebration year provides opportunities to emphasise values that are common to all EU regions, such as equality and democracy. Looking at the difficulties the EU is currently going through, it is essential for regions to enhance cooperation”.

During the Baltic Sea Commission preparatory meeting, members agreed upon key messages for the Baltic Sea Regions which were integrated in the CPMR Final Declaration. Member Regions also discussed the Baltic Sea Commission’s current and planned activities for the coming months.

At the end of the meeting, Mr Jari Nahkanen from the Regional Council of Oulu, invited all Members of the Baltic Sea Commission to come to Oulu on 23 May 2018 for the 22nd CPMR Baltic Sea Commission General Assembly meeting.

For more information on the 45th CPMR General Assembly

  • All documents (policy positions and notes) presented at the event are available on the CPMR website (click here);
  • Minutes of the General Assembly will be available on the CPMR website soon;

Minutes of the Baltic Sea Commission pre-CPMR General Assembly meeting are available on the BSC website (click here).