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The 2017 BSC General Assembly was held in Berlin

at the invitation of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on 12 June 2017.


Minutes of the 22nd BSC General Assembly, including the list of participants: click here.


Agenda item 1.4: Agenda BSC General Assembly 2017

Agenda item 1.5: Minutes BSC General Assembly 2016

Seminar Background Document: Update on the CPMR and the Future of Europe

Agenda item 2.: BSC Activity Report 2016-2017

Agenda item 3.: Financial Report – Available on request from the BSC secretariat (clare.booth@crpm.org)

Agenda item 4.: BSC Work Plan 2017-2019

Agenda item 5.: BSC Position Paper – Connecting the Baltic with the Arctic

Agenda item 6.1:2018 Budget – Available on request from the BSC secretariat (clare.booth@crpm.org)

Agenda item 6.2: Information on Membership Fees 2017-2019

Meeting of the BSC Transport Working Group.

Minutes of the BSC Transport Working Group

Meeting of the BSC Maritime Working Group.

Minutes of the BSC Maritime Working Group

Download the working papers

PowerPoint Presentation by Åsa Bjering, CBSS SDGs and Baltic 2030 Action Plan

PowerPoint Presentation by Daria Akhutina, Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS)

PowerPoint Presentation by Johannes Volkmar, Baltic Sea Tourism Cooperation

Invitation to the CBSS EGMP Meeting