At the invitation of Policy Area Innovation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR PA-Innovation), the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission participated in the first Sounding Board on Smart Specialisation Strategies in the Baltic Sea Region held on 14 September 2017 in Stockholm.

The Sounding Board for Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) has been created to support the efforts of the project BSR Stars S3, focusing on Smart Specialisation within bio-, circular-, and digital economy ecosystems, to strengthen knowledge sharing on the implementation of S3 through policy briefs and working papers. The Sounding Board is made up of experts from relevant fields.

The objective of the meeting was to gather all on-going Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects working with S3 to make use of the newly created Sounding Board for S3. Currently, these are Empinno, Smart Blue Regions and BSR Stars S3. The objective is to facilitate knowledge transfer across regions, and possibly increase the uptake of findings beyond the individual project partner regions.

The representatives of the different projects were invited to present their activities related to S3. The CPMR Baltic Sea Commission, represented at the meeting by Lisa Fröbel from Region Västerbotten, provided an update on the Seed Money project Alignment of Funding. She also informed EUSBSR PA-Innovation about the support of the CPMR BSC in the process of establishing a Financial Platform for Smart Specialisation. The CPMR Baltic Sea Commission has as set as a priority for 2017-2019 to support for the creation of the such a platform.

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