The CPMR Baltic Sea Commission (BSC) has agreed on its work plan for 2017-2019.

The work plan, agreed at the BSC’s General Assembly on 12 June, pinpoints the thematic areas of the three working groups. It also highlights two special priority areas, one of which is the creation of a Smart Specialisation Financial Platform in the Baltic Sea Region.

One of the two key prioritises that the BSC has set for 2017-2019 is to support the process of creating a Smart Specialisation Financial Platform for Regional Authorities and other stakeholders, with the purpose of aligning existing funding sources that will support the development of cross-regional Smart Specialization areas in the Baltic Sea Region.

The ambition of the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission Member Regions and partners in this work is to:

  • Increase the geographical flexibility of ESI-funds allocated to national and regional Operational Programmes (OPs);
  • Support joint financial capital (both private and public) for matching of regions working on smart specialisation strategies, or for enhancing business areas of the regional smart specialisation strategies;
  • Provide a regional Baltic perspective on the ongoing discussions with the European Commission to reform EU Territorial Cooperation (ETC) and its programmes within Cohesion Policy, particularly the relationship between ETC programmes and the development of macro-regional strategies.